by Lord Krehn

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released December 16, 2011

Raymond Krehn handled all vocals, guitars, drums, keyboards, mixing, producing, and mastering.




Lord Krehn Denver, Colorado

I've toured in a band before and I've been in a few local bands as well. I've always had trouble finding players that I have chemistry with that are heading in the same direction I am. Instead, I've decided to just become a one-man band. All instruments and vocals are done by me.

Influences: Enslaved, Dark Funeral, Carpathian Forest, Dimmu Borgir, The Amenta, Hate, Decapitated, Behemoth
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Track Name: I, The Deceiver
Verse 1 (0:31)
Heir, I am, the true son of god
Hear, follow, I lead the correct path
Fall, behind, you will be left to rot
Come, rapture, all believers are with me

(wait one section) (1:36)
I, The Deceiver, the one true ruler
The underworld awaits me
Taking the innocent
Lead by example
A limbo unfolds
Stuck here, in sorrow
Immortal suffering

(chorus) (2:07) and (3:44)
I am god
Do you distrust me?
I’ll set you free
It’s the only way out.

(verse 2) (2:55)

The one, you call god,
Is it me? Or something else?
The one hiding above,
Read the testament
He kills many men
How many have I killed?
Only the one
Track Name: Estranged Petrichor
Intro (0:30)
A raging battle
Fought amongst men
The steel blades clash
Echos in the wind
A thunderous sound
Heard for miles
Wails in the distance
From fallen men
Clouds shed tears
The sun glares red
Blood-created streams
Crimson red

Verse 1 (1:14)
Bloodened roots arise
From the ground
Blood-soiled lands
Seed germination
Acidic geosmin
Disturbed soil

Chorus (1:58) x2
I smell the blood-rain

Verse 2 (3:05 - after skipping 2)
The rain is rich, filled with blood
Black are the roots, soiled, dead
Track Name: Hatechild (The Madness Extract)
Verse #1 (0:32)
I lost my control and senses
Setting the building on fire

Chorus (0:49, 1:37, 3:39)
Coerce me
My hatechild

Verse # 2 (1:20)
No regards for who’s inside
Following the voice’s order

Chorus (1:37) x2

Bridge (2:25)
Provoked by voices
Whispering to me

Bridge # 2 (2:56, reversed effect)
I slip into madness
The voices speak to me
My hatechild speaks
Kill everyone

Verse # 3 (3:48)
I stand outside
Watching, waiting
Burning on inside
I stand, emotionless

Chorus # 2 (4:13) x2
Slip in madness
Rotting my brain
Hatechild speaks
Their wish, my command

Chorus (3:39) x2
Track Name: The Barrens
Verse (0:16)
I walk amongst the ruins
A world without humans
So calm and tranquil
No idiocy to bind me

Verse #2 (1:06)
A fierce storm approached
Ridding the world of life
One by one, they die
Everything and everyone

Chorus (2:06, 3:55) - after 2 riffs)
I stand alone
On this barren land
Clouds of crimson
Lands of desert

Bridge #2 (2:41 - after one break)
I spot ashes
Spread amongst
Grab a handful
Seeps like sand

Verse #3 (3:23)
A land once rich of creatures
Now shows a barren land
Devoid of all green
Devoid of all life

Chorus (4:10)